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YOUR PATHway TO success

As an organisation in the learning and development field, we partner with you in designing a structured training process. Years of research has taught us to recognise processes that work best for achieving long term sustainable results. The following pathway has been adopted to help you unearth and address the training needs.

In order to achieve results with people, it is important to engage in a variety of learning methodologies. This benefits by disrupting the monotony and also helps the learner to evaluate and monitor progress on various platforms to discover their strengths and areas of development. Each of the following methods are monitored closely by our expert facilitators. The feedback to participants is prepared at each stage of the process and can be utilised anytime for individual coaching purposes

Identifying on-site training needs | Ken Blanchard

Besides training in the classroom, our facilitators are available to travel to the work locations where they can guide the application of the learning

leadership development plan online with e-learning | Ken Blanchard

Delivered through Online-learning platforms, this instructor-led method provides self-paced learning modules that allow participants to learn and practice new skills in an engaging, time-saving format. Customised e-learning designs help in effective pre and post training to ensure retention of learning. Click Here to get a glimpse of design options that are currently in vogue

Virtual training leadership development plan | Ken Blanchard

Our expert facilitators can deliver live, online training sessions, allowing your managers and team members to experience world-class content right from their desks. Or, we often implement a blended solution that combines face-to-face and virtual training sessions to minimize travel time and cost.

To get Virtual experience on adapting Leadership Styles at workplace. Try out LeadPro Try out SmartBiz

Evaluating leadership development program with coaching | Ken Blanchard

Human Training’s certified coaches work one-on-one with your executives, managers, or team members to reinforce training programs or to provide additional support in the areas of life skills.

Evaluating leadership development programs with public workshops

Our open workshops provide a great opportunity for individuals, leaders or geographically dispersed teams to participate in our development training programs. They’re also a great way to preview a program before launching a larger training initiative within your organization.

Training needs assessment for custom designed leadership training

We can customize our learning solutions to tailor it specifically to your business or industry, including adjusting the program design, customizing training materials, and modifying the delivery method to ensure it’s as relevant and impactful as possible.

Training for Trainers training needs assessment | Ken Blanchard

Our Train The Trainer sessions allow you to learn and practice Human Training’s style of programs so you can deliver them within your organization. We offer both on-site training, when you want to train a significant number of trainers within your organization, and we also have open TTT workshops that you can register for, whenever these are announced.

Get inspired identifying your training needs with keynote speakers

Inspiring. Enlightening. Energizing. Informative. Our exclusive group of thought leaders deliver keynote presentations regularly at Corporate events and also at Colleges and Institutions. These are good opportunities for upcoming entrepreneurs and also job-seekers who would like to pursue a career in training and development