Sales Skills Training Program


Sales teams happen to be the lifeline for sales organisation. The health of a sales team depends on the skills of not only the frontline but also the managers who are coaching them. Our Sales Training Program envisages to increase productivity of the sales teams, create an environment of trust and autonomy, and deliver better bottom-line results.

A well-designed and implemented sales training and development program helps:

  • Drive significant top line revenue growth
  • Drive efficiencies that can carry more top line revenue to the bottom line
  • Shorten the time required to ramp new sales people up to profitability
  • Ensure the business delivers a more consistent and satisfying customer experience
  • Create and retain more top sales performers


BY getting an in-depth study conducted on your sales processes and teams by our panel of expert consultants. The conversation that your management will have with our team will open up a variety of possibilities for your organisation. Some of the benefits that our existing clients are seeing by implementing sales trainings are as follows

sales training India

ACCELERATE ramp up time for a sales members

Organisations that are investment providently in sales development are helping their team members to adjust quicker in their roles. This has a direct impact on sales revenue generation

sales skills training

Self-Reliant problem solving capabilities

The field of sales can have situations arising everyday that need immediate resolution else the impact could be immense. Sales Training reduces the response time in sales teams because of the added capabilities

Sales Skills Training Program

Sales Member Satisfaction

Trained sales members feel more confident of their jobs and therefore are more willing to perform everyday tasks. They are also more likely to become brand ambassadors of their organisations that helps in employer branding.

Sales Enablement

Develop Future Leaders

Successful sales people are more likely to assume the future leadership positions in organisations. The management benefits by having a ready pipeline of members that aligned to the organisation culture of sales and are ready to take on more challenging assignments.

CREATE the right

Sales practices are ever evolving across the world and we want to provide our clients with the latest in the sales field.

Oh Norman Sales Training is a skills-based, practical training program designed to give your sales people the mindset, essential skills, and structured process they need to accelerate development and bring out the best with their customers.

The Oh Norman Sales Training program aligns with the core coaching competencies as defined by the Global Partners and Associates LLP, Boston, USA and was prepared by master Sales coaches who have been in the field for over 20 years.

With a structured approach to sales, starting from the induction phase right till the sales coaching stage, your sales team will feel thoroughly supported by our program inputs. The Online pre and post training provides an opportunity to each sales person to contact us in time of need

Training Model
5 Steps Sales Plan
5 Steps training Plan