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The journey from an individual performer to a manager and then to a leader of people could be a difficult one, requiring completely different skill sets. Our Management and Leadership development training program sets your new managers up for success by providing them with the training and skills needed to make a smooth transition. Our Leadership Training Consultants will set you up for success.

Nearly 40% of new Chief Executives fail outright within their first 18 months on the job, and even more of then fail to live upto the expectations of those who promoted them*

Following are some of the critical needs in training that managers seem to be yearning for- Based on our research with organisations, there are three areas of management interpersonal skills that need the most improvement: Communication, Organization, and Performance Management.


Often times soft skills are automatically equated with communication skills only. And although important, soft skills do not automatically mean communication. This category more accurately covers a range of important competencies including

  • listening
  • resolving conflict
  • negotiation
  • mediation
  • coaching.


Organization skills range from
  • delegating
  • empowering employees
  • managing time
  • setting priorities
  • effective meetings
  • making decisions
  • overseeing projects
  • problem solving

These skills are critical to the manager’s personal growth as well as his/her ability to lead others.

Performance Management

Performance Management can mean anything from
  • setting goals
  • monitoring performance
  • motivating employees
  • giving feedback
  • building strong teams
  • documenting poor performance
  • inspiring excellence in your employees.

Managers need to be adequately trained in all these major areas, as well as being familiar with the laws and trends involving harassment, discrimination, diversity, workers’ compensation, and other legal issues.


Are your new managers prepared?

Choice of workshops for various levels of managers

The hierarchy of a manager within an organisation should govern the kind of skill-sets the manager needs. First-time managers who receive the necessary tools, skills, and training, right from the start, are set up to become effective leaders sooner as compared to others. Mid-level Managers can benefit from the right set of communication skills to be able to manage their sandwiched position with frontline at one end and Top Management at the other. Top-Level Managers need to acquire the skills of being able to propagate the desired company culture right till the remotest corner of geographies served by the organisation.
The following are the benefits our clients have derived by participating in discussions with our Leadership Training Consultants :

First Time Manager Training Builds Success And Momentum

Manager Self-Confidence

Managers gather all the tools and techniques required to make a successful transition and feel good about themselves and their new role.

New Manager Training Creates High Performing Teams

Practicing Win-Win in Teams

Well trained managers understand that their success lies in the success of their people and therefore are accustomed to supporting, motivating and empowering their team members to drive performance and results.

Training for New Managers Develops Effective Leadership Styles

Develop Organisations

Well trained Senior Leaders are able to act as business partners for the organisations they work with. They are able to constructively challenge the status-quo and take equal responsibility for the success of their companies.

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