Building a high performance culture through

Culture eats strategyfor Breakfast Peter Drucker

Organisation wide initiatives often fail to accomplish their goals due to a lack of shared purpose, mis-assumed values and principles, undefined goals, a lack of mutual accountability, and ineffective hierarchy. Our Corporate Culture Training workshops can be used to address a myriad of day to day challenges faced by professionals including those related to

  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Risk Taking
  • Conflict
  • Assertiveness
  • Integrity

Being able to lead productive, effective teams is critical to leveraging the strengths of team members, addressing cross-functional challenges, and getting work done in any organization. Corporate Culture Training is therefore a worthwhile investment

AS A Competitive ADVANTAGE

High performing teams allow your organization to bring together the multiple skills, strengths and experiences of its members to solve complex organizational problems, execute more quickly, make better decisions, enhance creativity, and produce consistently superior results.Following are some options that our clients can choose from while customising a team building training workshop for their teams

High performing team leadership

based learning workshops (link to brochure)

Modern Civilization seems tohave been designed to dull oursensibilities. Our ability toimagine and to fantasize, soabundant in our childhood, isstarved out by the constantadmonition to ‘stopdaydreaming’, ‘stick to facts’,‘be precise’. Over specializationin studies and at work, too, limits our awareness of the worldaround us. Theatre based workshops are very effective in letting our imagination work for creating a better future.

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Organisational Culture

Outdoor Obstacle Courses

Effective teams are empowered and accountable -- they consistently execute strategy, meet goals, and deliver superior results. An obstacle course gives them a chance to complete tasks in collaboration with fellow members while breaking through the perceived barriers due to organisation hierarchy.

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Organisational Culture

Computer Simulations

Modern day technology can be leveraged go a great extent in learning environments where,Working together, team members share their ideas, talent, and viewpoints to creatively solve problems and develop innovative solutions. The exciting experience of reflecting on 3-5 year balance sheets in a matter of hours is unparalleled in such workshops

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Team Building Training

POSH or Prevention of Sexual Harassment Training: New Address for Employee Safety

Any incident involving malicious intent can have a detrimental effect on the morale of the employee and the organization’s reputation. POSH training is aimed to provide a concrete understanding about the ways and means that must be adopted by the organizations to prevent any such mishaps, protection of the employees under the law governing all such mishaps and what constitutes as sexual harassment etc. POSH training programs are usually designed in such a way that it is beneficial to the employees, the organization and all the parties associated with the organization.

Organisational Team Culture

Learning happens through “Experiences” project work group, exposure to other departments, stretch assignments, role swaps, interaction with senior managers, research, leadershipvactivities, cross functional involvement. The Outbound team building training Workshops help people open up in a neutral environment

Learning happens through sharing with “others”Feedback and coaching activities peer coaching / consulting, Asking foradvice, 360 assessment & feedback, external networks, Professional association, Group discussion & facilitation

Learning happens through structured programs like workshops, seminars, e-learning, professional qualification & certification, formal education

The Experiential Learning cycle enables participants to enjoy their moments of Self-discovery

Coaching Skills For Managers