The power to create change is within me.

I already have all I need to make big or small changes in my life. I am smart enough, brave enough, and capable enough to change myself and any aspect of my life for the better.

I choose to change myself and avoid the temptation to change others.

In the past, I may have believed that I needed the right time, the right people in my life, or the right knowledge to change.

These are just invented excuses to avoid the discomfort of change. I know I can handle any amount of discomfort with ease.

Program on Leadership training and development tells us that the perfect time to change is right now.

I avoid the belief that the best time to change is at some vague point in the future.

I make the necessary changes in my life as soon as possible. I value time and use it wisely.

While I enjoy learning new things and increasing my knowledge, I avoid the trap of believing that my current level of knowledge is insufficient.

Leadership training and Development Program: Conclusion

Today, I am beginning the process of change. I can change myself or my environment whenever I choose, and I choose to begin right now.

The power to create change is within me.

Self-Reflection Questions based on Leadership training and Development Program

  1. What are the three most important changes I want to make in my life?
  2. What resources do I have to make those changes?
  3. What has been stopping me from making a real change in my life?

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