As we move through our life, we come across many people who impact it. Although we treasure each encounter, we classify only a few friendships. We have a deep and soulful connection with those we call our friends.

We connect especially with those who value trust. We promise our friends that their innermost secrets are safe with us.

The relationships we share with our friends are sentimental. We feel the depth of their hurt after a difficult experience and experience the joy they feel during highpoints.

Leadership Training Consultants state it is special to have a tribe that knows us inside out. We treasure being able to say a lot to our friends without uttering a single word. When we make eye contact with them, they know what we are really feeling and thinking.

We are blessed to be able to open ourselves to others on an intimate level. Our life is richer because we nourish and nurture our soul through friendship.

Self-Reflection Questions: Leadership Training Consultants

  1. How do we know when we are making a deep connection with someone?
  2. How available are we when a friend calls on us?
  3. In what other ways do we feed our soul?

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