View opportunities as doors that either open for us or stay closed. Closed doors are filled with as much promise as the ones that open. They mean that greater things are ahead. Bigger and brighter doorways are on the horizon.

When relationships end prematurely, console yourself with the knowledge that something greater is on the way.

Leadership Development Program explains to us that plans that let us down prepare to be humble and gracious when future things work out in our favor. Disappointment is a teacher that we should consciously pay attention to.

Career goals should be thought out, but we should wait patiently for the signals to make a move. We should understand that what is right for me invariably presents itself when the time is right.

Leadership Development Program explains that while we wait for greater things to happen, we are conscious to live our best life today. We are committed to giving our full effort to whatever endeavor we undertake.

We move through life with gratitude and expectation of goodness to come.

Leadership Development Program concludes: any doors that appear in front of us provide us with an opportunity. We should be ready to walk through open doors towards our success. We should also be ready to walk away from closed doors with experience and great life lessons.

Self-Reflection Questions: Leadership Development Program

  1. What words of wisdom should we tell ourselves to remain confident in disappointment?
  2. What part are we able to play in predicting the arrival of open doors?
  3. What are some of the lessons we learn from missed opportunities?

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