Make your self-improvement efforts more successful with these strategies:

1. Have reasonable goals.

○ Set self-improvement goals that you believe you can attain. You can always set bigger goals after you’ve experienced some success.

2. Have reasonable timetables..

○ You can do a lot if given enough time. Changing your life is entirely possible. Doing so at a breakneck pace is less possible.

3. Be enthusiastic about small steps forward.

○ Reward yourself for even the smallest improvement. Rewarded behaviour is more likely to occur in the future.

4. Create daily habits that move you forward

○ Create new habits that guarantee you’ll reach your goals. Then you only have to worry about your compliance.

5. Consider your obstacles.
○ Making an effort to reduce or remove the obstacles (might be your attitude, a close friend, your lack of skills, or your lack of time)
can make a big difference in your success.

6. Patience is key.
o Setting reasonable timelines and sticking to them requires patience. When you’re motivated, it’s hard to be patient. However, if you lack patience, you’ll never last long enough to experience significant gains.

7. Make one change at a time.

○ Give yourself a little room to breathe and get one self-improvement project well underway before starting a new one.

There’s never been a better time to work on improving yourself or your life!

For your best results, develop the habits necessary to ensure success, enjoy your progress, and be patient. With time, you can do almost anything!

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